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What can you do with a Kodi Box?

A Kodi box brings unlimited entertainment and media options to your TV, for no monthly fee.

Each Kodi Box is a Raspberry Pi 3 with OSMC Kodi and/or Recalbox.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is an open source media center operating system. Kodi spawned from the love of media. It is an entertainment hub that brings all your digital media together into a beautiful and user friendly package. A Kodi box will put your smart TV to shame and can plug and play any TV show or movie to any monitor or TV with an HDMI connection.

What is Recalbox?

Recalbox is an open sourced operating system that offers a wide selection of consoles and game systems. From the very first arcade systems to the NES, the MEGADRIVE, 32-bit platforms (such as the PlayStation) and even Nintendo64 with thousands of games, Japanese and American.

Your Kodi Box can come equipped with both operating systems.

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Big News for FreeTV on your KodiBox

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Big News for Kodi Users

Today we bring you big news for FreeTV on your KodiBox. You’re probably familiar with GitHub, as a massively popular software development platform. Home to millions of development projects, including Airbnb, IBM, Facebook, Google and NASA, it is now also home to all the Kodi addons ever developed.

We are no longer restricted to Kodi addons made available through Fusion installer or clones. Not only does the Git Browser give us more choice, it also empowers independent developers, who can now distribute their addons easily to the masses. You can find your favorite Kodi developers by their GitHub usernames. Below we have some of our favorites.

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Instructions to install Indigo Tool and Git Browser:

  1. Click on the Add-ons tab of your Kodi
  2. Select on the little box icon or the “get more” or “install add-ons” button on your build.
  3. Next, click on the install from zip file function.
  4. Select the fusion server folder, we’ve previously added as a new source. Repo:
  5. Click on the begin-here folder.
  6. Choose the
  7. Return back one level to the Add-ons menu.
  8. Launch the Indigo Program Add-on for the first time.
  9. DONE! Now time to launch Git Browser.

Installing Git Browser

  1. We’ve now launched the Indigo tool from the right side of the Add-ons menu interface.
  2. Launch the Indigo tool from the right side of the Add-ons menu interface.
  3. Select the Addon Installer menu.
  4. Choose the Git Browser feature
  5. Once you’ve read the short instructions, press any button to dismiss and continue.FreeTV on your KodiBox
  6. Select the Search by GitHub Username function. This is the best to find the authentic version of the add-on you’re looking for. Otherwise there are a lot of forks out there.
  7.  Click on the *** New Search *** function.
  8. Input the GitHub Username of the addon developer you wish to find, then press the OK button.

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Our Favorite Kodi Developer’s Usernames

  • kodibae
  • nixgates
  • MrBlamo420
  • Nemesis668
  • tvaddonsco
  • rockcrusher01
  • duncanh52
  • Goliath-Evolve
  • tdelight

Simply install their repositories then install from repository to add as many add-ons as you want.

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Review of CellarDoorTV build

cellardoortv build for kodi
CellarDoorTV Build for Kodi

Lauren from 420 Web Design gave us a review for the CellarDoorTv build for Kodi. One of the best builds for FreeTV and free movies. Let us know what your favorite Kodi build is in the comments. Do you have a Kodi Box?

Check it out and order your Kodi box!

Learn More about Kodi!

A KodiBox from LWH Design will allow you to kut the kord and stream all of your favorite movies and shows without paying a subscription fee. Netflix and Hulu originals included, no monthly fee. FreeTV, free movies, free live sports and free live tv channels. All on your KodiBox for less than the price of one month of cable. Kodi is an open source digital media center operating system. LWH Design can help you network all devices and media streams on the internet to your home media center via your Kodi Box.

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